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Almas (Derived from Diamond) isn't just a club; it’s a perfectly lounge-club experience that doesn't have to wait until the sun goes down. With features and amenities that elevate it to much more than just the best club in chandigarh, Almas is an entertainment sanctuary that attracts top-flight DJs and partygoers from around the world for the most extravagant events that the industry has to offer.

Boasting over 60,000 square-feet of space, Almas features a rooftop patio with views encompassed by the lights and sounds. With so many options under one roof and the ability to execute premier service and entertainment at the highest level, it is no wonder why the Almas is widely celebrated among the echelon of nightlife havens.

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In addition to the many alluring qualities that Almas has to offer, it also just so happens to be conveniently located right in heart of the city .

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